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Resonance is an ideal security partner. The team was swift and extremely thorough, both in their methodology and analysis. They provided us with a detailed security action plan, in addition to going above and beyond when tackling new security questions and strategy. After working with Resonance, we wouldn’t go to any other firm for our security needs.

Justin Vogel

Across all the auditing and security partners I’ve worked with, Resonance’s thoroughness and attention to detail is second to none. Their team was in constant communication to ensure optimal prioritization of time and resources and their engineers left no stone unturned. Their findings were extremely well documented and they’re on the top of my list for any web3 team looking for an audit or pentest.

Nathan Hausman

From the outset, Resonance demonstrated a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in securing Kado’s flows and technology stack. Their team exhibited not only technical expertise but also a genuine commitment to addressing our unique security concerns. Their comprehensive approach to auditing and identifying potential vulnerabilities went above and beyond our expectations.

Emery Andrew

In addition to having extensive knowledge and experience in Solidity audits, the Resonance team demonstrated a profound understanding of the protocol. They did not limit themselves to generally known security recommendations but delved deeply into the protocol logic, validating its correctness. They also audited our off-chain infrastructure, demonstrating their high expertise. The communication throughout the contract was efficient and punctual. Intermediate and final audit reports were very detailed and clear, making it easy to generate action-items. Resonance is an ideal security partner for any web3 project looking to perform comprehensive verification from different angles.

Volodymyr Kostanda
CEO of PrimexLabs OÜ

Our experience with Resonance Security has been exceptional. Their detailed auditing and deep dive into our systems significantly enhanced our security posture. Their team's expertise and tailored approach, coupled with effective communication, sets them apart in the cybersecurity field. Resonance is not just a service provider; they are a vital partner in our journey towards advanced security.

Einaras Gravrock

Resonance’s attention to detail is unparalleled. Their thorough audit and testing provided our team with a robust security foundation. The seamless communication and effective prioritization make them our top choice for cybersecurity.

Daniel Im

Resonance Security has been key in auditing the Vesper and Metronome protocols. Their detailed approach and supportive team have been invaluable. We look forward to ongoing collaboration with them.

Jordan Kruger
CEO & Co-Founder, |
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Identify compromised credentials, remediate data leaks, and reduce organizational impact with this 24/7 monitoring and notification tool.

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Activate customized vulnerability scans for your web applications, open ports, security configurations and more to get a quick pulse check of your external systems.

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QCI Password Generator

Utilize the latest photonics quantum computing technology to generate highly secure passwords.

SolidityScan SC Scanner

Instantly re-audit your EVM smart contracts with AI powered tooling to discover vulnerabilities related to logic, economics, gas optimization, and more.

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Cube3 SC Risk Analyzer

Determine counterparty risk prior to transacting by identifying OFAC, KYC, and compliance risk of EVM based smart contracts and addresses.

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